The MLG Squad is a group of dank characters that smoke weed led by Sanic. The Meme Team is also a dank group of characters based on popular memes. The MLG Squad have been merged with the Meme Team, until also have a merger with the YTP Squad. Memes are also been a MLG source and also appeared in MLG videos and YTPs

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Hints Edit

  • YTP Squad, MLG Squad, Meme Team and Creepypasta Squad are introduced and were mentioned in Animation Rewind in Cartoon Fight Club
  • Illuminati joined the MLG Squad because the Illuminati has said to be confirmed as a MLG and meme character
  • Snoop Dogg became part of MLG due to his un-hit song: Smoke Weed Everyday
  • Spongegar became popular in memes, despite of being a Nickelodeon character by Viacom Inc.
  • Shoop Da Whoop and Over 9000 Vegeta mentioned and appeared as Dragonball series memes, also part of YTPs
  • Leonidas 300 appeared as a 300 (film) meme and were popular in memes and YTPs due to his phase: “THIS IS SPARTA!”
  • The Meme Team including Rare Pepe the Frog and MLG Squad were these reasons to live and survive
  • The Meme Team's weakness is fidget spinners (except Spongegar and Donald Trump)