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Welcome to the MirrorUnAnything Wiki, the free fanfiction wiki of nonsense, low and high quality, fanfiction, and humor where anyone could edit.

About the MirrorUnAnything WikiEdit

The MirrorUnAnything Wiki is a epic and free fanfiction wiki and a parallel universe of the UnAnything Wiki where anybody could mix video games, TV shows, pop culture, and others. It is a wiki of humor, low and high quality, and nonsense. And you gotta help us!

Block List Edit

  • VSTF
  • TheRealDrillCat

News Edit

Bad news! The creator SSBrandon has been blocked several times by the VSTF. But SSBrandon has been blocked by stupid admins in FANDOM who was working with the VSTF in order to destroy the MirrorUnAnything Wiki. But SSBrandon deactivated his account. Now the MirrorUnAnything Wiki is now dead and will be destroyed by the VSTF

Good News! TheRealDrillCat is banned from the MirrorUnAnything Wiki. He is a impersonator of Attackofthecatpeople69. He also cyber-bullying innocent people by banishing them to other wikis and fooled them

Latest activityEdit

  • edit Viacom
    edited by A FANDOM user 2 days ago diff
    Summary: In real life:
  • new page Gay Hitler
    created by Cg097 3 days ago
    New page: Gay Hitler was a dentist in Ohio. Things Gay Hitler probably didEdit Check the work of dental hygenists Extract teeth Get annoyed at patients who...
    Added category: Guys
  • new page Kikuchiyo
    created by Cg097 3 days ago
    New page: Kikuchiyo was a rōnin who at the age of 11 participated in the 1586 defense of a farming village. He died in the battle, after killing the bandit...
    Added category: The Seven Samurai
  • new page Z1077
    created by Cg097
    New page: z1077 is an annoying radio station in St. Louis. Its only purpose is to annoy people. It will play the same song five times in an hour. For example,...
    Added category: Radio stations
  • new page Gloria
    created by Cg097
    New page: "Gloria" is a diss track from the 1980s by Laura Brannigan about a hooker named Gloria. It became popular in St. Louis in 2019.
    Added category: Songs
  • edit Thecomputernerd01
    edited by Cg097 diff
  • new page One Perfection
    created by Cg097
    New page: One Perfection is a boy band from the early 2010s. Their most famous member was Thecomputernerd01. Their most famous song is directed at a sexist...
    Added categories: Bands, Male characters
  • edit Knights Templar
    edited by Cg097 diff
    Summary: redundant
  • discussion page Talk:Kayloo
    new comment by Cg097
    Comment: Because I wanted to.
  • discussion page Talk:Kayloo
    new comment by GrandFleentAlt
    Comment: why? god why?!

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