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Welcome to the MirrorUnAnything Wiki, the free fanfiction wiki of nonsense, low and high quality, fanfiction, and humor where anyone could edit.

About the MirrorUnAnything WikiEdit

The MirrorUnAnything Wiki is a epic and free fanfiction wiki and a parallel universe of the UnAnything Wiki where anybody could mix video games, TV shows, pop culture, and others. It is a wiki of humor, low and high quality, and nonsense. And you gotta help us!

Latest activityEdit

  • edit Gatis Kandis
    edited by Cg097 2 days ago diff
  • new page Doki Doki Literature Club
    created by Cg097 5 days ago
    New page: Doki Doki Literature Club is a computer shame for Windows Explorer or Finder. It was developed by mice. It is part of an experiment to make humans...
    Added category: Computer shames
  • new page Monica
    created by Cg097 5 days ago
    New page: Monica is the character in Doki Doki Literature Club who values justice or embodies that principle.
    Added category: Females
  • new page Category:May contain references to Jordan Peterson
    created by Cg097 6 days ago
    New page:
    Added category: Articles
  • new page DeviantArt
    created by Cg097 6 days ago
    New page: DeviantArt is a website where open or creative people could keep themselves alive because if they don't be creative they'll just die. It is a place...
    Added categories: Websites, May contain references to Jordan Peterson
  • new page Tay Zonday
    created by Cg097
    New page: Tay Zonday is a rapper. He is really woke, but white people think his raps are memes. His song "Alien Christmas!" suggests he is a Mormon, because it...
    Added category: Rappers
  • new page Radishes
    created by Cg097
    New page: Radishes are meat and also a nut. You keep them in your garage. If the number of radishes you have becomes zero, you will be very depressed. In fact,...
    Added category: Food
  • new page Bart
    created by Cg097
    New page: Bart is a guy who tells you to eat pant. He also prank calls Moe.
    Added category: Boys with the voice of a woman
    Added photo:
  • new page Moe
    created by Cg097
    New page: Moe is a bartender who shouts embarassing things and then threatens Bart on the phone. One time he was going to commit suicide, but then he saw a...
    Added category: Guys
  • new page Thots
    created by Cg097
    New page: Thots are girls who post selfies on Twitter and seek facts about Roman history. The Globglogabgalab is a yeast of them, in addition to of mind. Some...
    Added category: Girls

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