MirrorUnUniverse (was known as UnUniverse No 1 1/2) is a epic dimension that is based on the MirrorUnAnything Wiki. The MirrorUnWorld is in the MirrorUnUniverse, as well it is the same and different world as the UnUniverse (but better). It is a hybrid of the UnUniverse, YouTube Poop Universe, and Fictional Universe

Creation Of The MirrorUnUniverse Edit

The MirrorUnUniverse and UnUniverse were the 1st Dimension (aka Prime Zone), until the Big Bang appeared and split the 1st Dimension apart as the MirrorUnUniverse and UnUniverse

Destruction Of The MirrorUnUniverse Edit

In the late future, It was destroyed by FANDOM... but it didn't happen since FANDOM was defeated by the MirrorUnDefeatables