Portals are interdimensional passages that lead into a alternate universe or into an different dimension. Every portal is always alternate colored, here's a list of portals that lead to others

  • Green=Prime Universe
  • Blue and Yellow=UnUniverse
  • Red and Yellow=Wackyverse
  • Black and Yellow=UnCycloverse
  • White or Mirror colored=MirrorUnCycverse
  • Gray or Mirror colored=MirrorUnUniverse
  • Poop colored=YTP Universe
  • Grayish Greenish=MLG Universe
  • Blue=2nd Dimension
  • Pink=Dimension X
  • White=Un2nd Dimension
  • Ultra Wormhole=Ultra Space
  • Childish Pink=Mewni

Science Fiction Edit

The portals in some TV series or others like video games are not different or same like the Phineas and Ferb The Movie: Across The 2nd Dimension, The portal appeared is green, but not blue after Phineas and Ferb finished fixing Doof's Other-dimension-inator and tested it

The Shiny Mirror Edit

The Shiny​ Mirror is a rare portal that could lead to a shiny dimension that has alternate colored counterparts of the Prime or other dimension characters with still the same personality