The German Prison (or Das deutsche Gefängnis) is a big prison (duh) where people (who are evil or crazy, or being dumb) are kept. The prison is desinged to be torture to be in, and impossible to escape, but some people like it there, and the others escape. The German Prison also has Davy Jones' Locker where are the people (who were dumb, crazy, or evil) were banished to another dimension

Trivia Edit

  • Germany is said to have been named after the German Prison!
  • The German Prison is rumored to be located at the Mushroom Kingdom or at Drusselstien in Gimmelsthump
  • Though it is possible that the place in the Mushroom Kingdom it is rumored to be in is "Malleorulezland" was just a rumor made up by Fat Mario.
  • It is said that the bricks are crafted from the muscle of Super-Batman, but we know the bricks aren't that strong.