We Viacom will take down your YTPs!

~ Viacom

Viacom is a American global mass media company with interests primary in, but not limited to cinema and cable television. Viacom is a an happy organization.

Viacom Logo

In real life Edit

Viacom sued YouTube that they knows that some people posting videos that contains stolen copyright on YouTube that they encountered brazen and massive stolen copyrights while YouTubers uploaded many videos that contains copyright owned by different owners without permission. Viacom decided to protect copyrights from getting infringed, vandalized, stolen, or dadarismed. So Viacom begin to make YouTube delete videos that contains stolen copyright. And so, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and the Video Piracy Protection Act passed. So YouTube began to get serious and did the (copy) right thing like Viacom did. So now, Viacom both wanted to prevent everyone from watching videos that contains stolen copyright

Loud House

The Loud House in a nutshell. (These women are IRL Viacom and Nick execs.)

In the YouTube Poop Universe Edit

A evil counterpart of Viacom is founded by Mr. Orangatan (after killing a puppy in the wrong street). He wanted to prevent copyright infringement, vandalism, and dadarism from happening. He made a Viacom logo (such as the V of Doom) to break the Fourth Wall. He also wanted world domination by destroying YouTube Poopers and arrest them and deleted their YTPs. He'd also brainwashed YouTube admins, staff, and employees in YouTube, and every Nickelodeon character and admins, staff, employees, and creators of TV series in Nickelodeon.

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